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i need help

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i have been working at this restaurant as a line cook for 6 months and im really sick of the chef yelling at me all of the time. i need to think ahead and think of the obvious in the middle of chaos. ive always had a passion for cooking and this is what im supposed to do but i need to figure this out first. how can i think of the obvious and think in advance and get the chef to stop getting me worked up?
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The chef is always going to razz you.  I'm going to assume you're working in a French or Italian restaurant..  You're going to have to deal with it , my friend, and it's going to improve your resume.  No matter what happens, no matter what he says, stand your ground.  Make it so you already know what he's going to say.  Perfect yourself.  That's how you make him your b****.

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The best/only way to avoid a bollocking is doing your job well!! Once you've been with a chef for a while you should know what he expects of the plates and of you. Deliver and/or exceed those expectations and the yelling will stay at a minimum. I know that sounds pretty obvious but a lot of people have a hard time getting it. In every kitchen I've worked in; if you're being yelled at, you've done something wrong to provoke it.

Also, try and look at the positives. It WILL make you a stronger cook in the long run.
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Any and every time you get yelled at ask for him/her to show you how to do it the 'correct' way.


Take note and then do it that way.


If they are honest - you will learn, if they are being ass-hats then you will know for sure.  


(edit to add - and for goodness sakes don't ask the same question more than once!)

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"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold





"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold


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The last poster gave some really good advice.  Learn and keep your dignity. It can be done.


I've been a chef for 15 years and I can count on one hand the times I've yelled at a staff member. But, all chefs are different. Some keep order by screaming and yelling, others (like me) take a different approach. Try to understand the WHY. If you are making mistakes than focus on that not on his rude tone.


And another thing.


Remember that the chefs reputation gets served with every plate. That smudge on the right-hand corner of the plate, that over charred green bean, or running sauce, says some about the CHEF, not the line cook, not the bartender, NOT the owner of the restaurant. Doesn't make him right for yelling but try to understand where he's coming from.


Hope this helps. Keep your head up and your knives sharp.



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Completely agree with Ari9. *brofist*

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The GOOD news is that if 'we' are yelling at you, we are noticing you and expecting more based on the abilities we guess (or have seen) that you have.

(although I personally don't believe in belittling as it's counterproductive)


It's when we stop yelling is when you have to watch out, at that point in our minds we haven't seen a glimmer of talent. I can almost guarantee that if that happens, you will never get past peeling carrots or potatoes and maybe juicing lemons if you can be trusted to not have seeds in it. ;)

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