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now cardiac/gluten free diet.

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Argh! had to have a slightly invasive procedure a couple of weeks ago, a double bypass(yes I'm young 52, and female) so now I'm not only gluten free but on a cardiac diet also. Allergic to all fish,and sulfates/sulfites too(no mushrooms, wine) Life just keeps getting more and more interesting the older you get! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Drs. tell me I should be way better than before. I always wonder how much damage I did to my health when I was younger and had to prove that I was "one of the guys" in the kitchen. LIfting all those heavy pans and cases of produce.


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start juicing.  and be grateful for what the bypass gave you.  life will keep getting more interesting because you're still alive. 

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Donald Gazaniga's cookbooks are pretty good. The ones I'm thinking about aren't gluten free in their focus, but most recipes should be gluten free. His insights helped me learn to cook and manage for my health condition which shares some diet overlap with yours.
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trust me I am very grateful to be here! no negativity at all about that.

phatch, I found his website and it looks pretty interesting . thank you!

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Wow, sorry to hear that!  I'd like to think if I were in that position it would be possible to elevate the interest level of those types of foods you'll be immersed in.  I suppose at the end of the day it's more-or-less like a serious Vegan/Vegetarian diet.  Indian cuisine is your friend (they've been doing it so long how could it not be awesome Vegetarian cuisine!),  obviously sans rice.  At home my Zojirushi has seen the likes of: Quinoa, Millet, Steel Cut Oats, Kasha (Buckwheat groats), Barley and others. I just use the same water ratio as when cooking rice and that thing is just awesome in preparing day-to-day foods for my family. Some of those are right at home in a Gluten Free diet.  I have found that, for the most part, most of the older, long standing cuisines with high population density, especially Indian, have stellar vegetarian dishes that are very enjoyable.  Have you ever had Khatte Chole?  I still struggle with Buckwheat groats though...talk about a strong, pervasive flavor.  Ridiculously good-for-you food though.   You can still eat game like Venison I assume?

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