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chocolate cake

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has any one got any fab chocolate cake recipe ive just got some proper cocoa powder and im dying to use it 


thanks x

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i have one nice, and quick chocolate cake, but its with real chocolate, not powder.... and you need:



200g cooking chocolate (more cocoa % better, and you can always put spoon or two real cocoa powder)

160g milk chocolate

250g butter

(melt in microwawe, or on steam)


7 eggs 

100g sugar

(mix together, just by hand, you dont need air bubbles here)


and now you mix together that eggs with sugar with butter-chocolate, and add one spoon of flour at the end...


now you can put that in round cake mold.. cca 25-27cm

and bake on 176 degree celzius 

17min... be sure to not burn it to much, because it will not be creamy inside... 


and I usually put in in fridge , but some people like to eat it worm...402701_2986278109208_575944646_n.jpg

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