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Asking for a raise

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Hello fellow Chef's, I need your advice on how should I approach the owner of the restaurant that i work in, I have been in the restaurant for almost a year and since I been there i have reduce the food cost 7%, but they seem not to care much, or better say they dont recognize it, and i need to know how to approach them correctly i know some of you guys are really good at it i need your advice! thanks guys!!!!!!!!!


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I always go the "easy-direct-to-the-point" way. 


Hey Owner/Boss/Manager/Person who signs the checks ... I've been here a year, I've improved things. things are going good ... How about a little pay bump, you know, for the effort?

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I agree with that approach.


I work in a private club, but I was promoted from Garde Manger, to the grill station where I worked for 14 months, took over for a guy who couldn't handle the station, and turned it completely around.


I knew I was underpaid, not only on the position, but underpaid in general at the time, so I went to the Executive Chef and GM and had a meeting and put it all on the table. I walked out with a 17% raise.


Don't beat around the bush, if they say no, open your options if necessary. You always should do what's best for number one.

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