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Commercial Kitchen Share - Raleigh, NC

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I'm looking to share a commercial kitchen with a local caterer/catering company. The space is located near I-540 and Capital Blvd in Raleigh, NC.  It is 2800 sq ft and is partially upfitted (walk ins, proofer, hood, etc.)

Due to the flexible nature of my business, scheduling kitchen time between the businesses should not be a problem.

Let's discuss in more detail!  Contact me with questions.

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H are you still looking for someone to share kitchen with? Im trying to start up a part time business just wed-fri-sat.
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I am interested as well.

let me know,




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Is space still available?  Looking for somewhere to bake. Thanks!

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ARe you still interetsed in sharing a commercial kitchen?

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Are you still looking for some one to share this kitchen? I am looking for kitchen space to rent to start a catering business.

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I'm a professional chef and own a catering company. We are looking for a space. Email please and lets talk. Thanks

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I would love to rent some time in a commercial kitchen.  Do you still have any time to rent out?  Please contact me by private message if you do...

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My name is Tosh, I like to see your kitchen to see if it is possible for me to share, please contact me at

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Hi Please contact me at

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Hi.  My name is Mark, and we're interested in sharing a kitchen for our empanadas catering business.  Please contact me at 919-521-2038.  thank you.

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I'm currently looking to share a space, or pay by the hour at an established location for my food business.

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Can you please send me more information about the rental
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Hi I'm very interested in renting the kitchen, pelase contact me with more information. Looking forward to hear from you!!

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New to site --saw a long but still active thread on Commercial Kitchen rental needs.
Where did you guys end up. I am in immediate need for rental space and some storage for start up catering company.

Any and all leads welcomed. Interested in location in Northern Raleigh/up to Knightdale for eaae of access to beltlines(440, 540 etc.)
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Where you able to find a commercial kitchen rental?
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Sorry, @mschef I don't have any advice to give, but would love to know where you're looking to find space.  I'd start with Google and CL myself, but do you have any other tips?

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Please share if you find something in the location you mention.  I am looking for a very part time use of kitchen and freezer space.

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Hi, My name is Ben. I' looking for kitchen to rent ir share in raleigh. 630 740-2800. Thank you.

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Please contact me about leasing kitchen space in Raleigh. 252-714-5888
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