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Which Culinary School in Paris?!

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hey guys. I'm looking for a culinary school/ college. i searched through internet and i found some great names like " Le Cordon Bleu" or "Ritz Escaffier",and so many others. but it made me more confused. can anyone help me out to pick a right school/college? Considering the fact that i want to be professional chef, i need a school that REALLY prepares me for working in the industry. ( one thing i read about " Le Cordon Bleu" was that they teach you cooking but they don't prepare you for situations you'll face in the industry , like being in a time limit, etc)


So, Please Help me out?!

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Take some time to look at some schools in the U.S. first. Fill out FAFSA and apply for AS MANY scholarships as possible. If you have no work experience try to find a job for a semester. Pick a resturant that you might be able to use as a reference to help you with being accepted where ever you might go. Do your research, graduation rates, Alumni, instructors, cost of living, so forth and so on. Figure out what you are paying for. Is it just instruction? will the school help you get a good job after graduation? In your case, Do they have any Alumni in Paris, France where you can do an internship or "stage"

If you don't see yourself wanting any upper level management positions with some of the big buisness out there, do an apprenticeship. The  degree is needed for most buisnesses if you want to move to upper level management posistions. Check out if you haven't already.

Picking a school is stressful b/c i feel like alot of the people i talk to from different colleges were once used car salesman. If the people i talk to are excessive with the phone calls, e-mail and letters i am cautious about that school. The school and its reputation should sell itself.

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Le cordon bleu in paris is a top flight culinary school.   Are you sure you weren't reading reviews for the US outposts?

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le cordon bleu..

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Cordon Bleu! I'll be attending in March! I looked at Escoffier Ritz and Ferrandi as well and decided on the Cordon Bleu. Good luck!

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