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Passion fruit coulis

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How can I make a passion fruit coulis without the fruit itself ?

I tried to use MARACUYA pulp from GOYA mixed with sugar with but somehow it gets to caramelized as it cools down.

I need it to use as a passion fruit touch on salads and sweets and as garnishing plates with color as well.

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If I recall that pulp tends to be pretty thick.  I am not sure what you mean that it gets caramelized as it cools down (that happens while you are cooking)?  Are you saying it over-thickens or are you saying you get browning when you are cooking?  If the latter, try a double boiler or you can attempt a thickening agent like corn starch, clear gel or for room temperature applications one of the "Ultra-Tex" starches should do the trick. 

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Thanks Zoebisch,


Actually it thickens to much as it cools down. I would have to warm it up each time I would need to use it.

I tried adding water to dilute it and then a little bit of starch but after all the result is the same.

maybe I should take if off the stove when it is still looking "not thick enough" ??

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In that case, just wait until completely cool and then thin it a touch with water. Do this slowly (I mean add the water slowly and sparingly or you'll go back to square one) and wisk it in.  You'll need only very little.  Use cold water so you don't get a false consistency once you get it all cold again!  I hope that makes sense, so as an adjustment if you need it, that's the route that will probably best suite your goals.  Try it with your current batch if you have one. 

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I will try it on my next batch. Thanks a lot !!

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