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Sick of Western Knives... Looking for help with Japanese please!

Poll Results: What Knife Do You Prefer?

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    Masamoto VG
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    MAC Pro
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    Fujiwara FKH
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Hi guys, I am new to the forum. Looking for some help with my first experience with a Japanese blade because i am just sick to death of super thick and heavy blades. i got a cheap high carbon Brazilian blade a few months ago, and while still stiff... is much thinner and i love it. Now i guess there are some stipulations... I am Sous at a high volume kitchen where precision, uniformity & consistency are an absolute must. I basically spend my whole day cutting fish, trimming meat, dicing cucumbers, soft fruit, and slicing hard veggies and tomatoes PAPER thin. I considered a ceramic blade for a while, but, after much research... have decided against it. I have found three blades that I am considering, but just cant decide on. the:

Masamoto VG Series Gyuto 210mm $160.00 - Confused about what they did to the knife to make it "Western"... Unsure what a "POM" handle is... for the price i would expect it to be a high quality wood. I just cant seem to find any specs on the blade besides length & weight.

MAC Pro 8" Chefs Knife $130.00 - Just unable to find any real info about the knife but it seems to be the "go to" whenever i ask about a Japanese style blade.

Fujiwara FKH 210mm Gyuto $75.00 - Looks to me by the pictures to be a copy of the Masamoto VG... Pakkawood handle. Actually a few grams lighter... & basically anyone i have talked to says its just an awesome knife. Easy to sharpen to almost a razor edge on a stone, holds that edge well & feels good in the hand.

Basically... is it worth the money to go with the Masamoto over the Fujiwara? What are the differences? Whats so great about the MAC? I mean i am pretty handy with a tri-stone, and can sharpen my $15 Mundial 8" good enough to shave my arm in less than 10 mins & it holds that edge pretty well with good knife skills. I need some advice from people with experience in the subject. Please Help!

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After talking with a 30 year chef that I ran in to at the bar... lol... I have actually placed my order for a Tojiro DP 210mm. VG-10 core with 13% chromium stainless shell & ebony wood handle. I figured at $80 it was a no-brainer.

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I was going to recommend the Tojiro...for the money, they are an excellent choice!

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Almost any japanese knife will be better that german stuff.  Tojiro is a great place to start, the only thing i dont like about them is that they are clad and can have a weird feel to it.  The other recomodation would be go with a 240 gyuto.  Check out the knife section here you will probally get more responses from it. 

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You might want to have a look at the Konosuke HD 210mm wa-gyuto, it comes heavily recommended but it is a little more expensive than the other ones on your list. That said, if you're a sous at a high volume restaurant who cuts all day, cost shouldn't be much of an issue, because you have to use the knife so much that you should get only the best.

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I love my Japanese knives....will never go back to anything else. We can debate for days, but i think if you check out Korin. They are so goddamn knowledgable its sick. Call them, they'll talk you through it. In the mean time check out their site. And click the link to "learn more about western knives."
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