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I am trying to figure out a way to reconstruct shepherds pie. I was thinking of frying some mashed potato coated in popcorn instead of panko or flour. Has anyone ever tried using popcorn as a coating for fried food? 

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Have'nt tried it but it seems to me that the popcorn has too much air in it to make a good crust for anything deep fried. Have you tried it yet?

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Havn't tried yet. I'm wondering I it will just absorb the grease? I will let ya know what happens when I do try.
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How about corn flakes ? or any cereal that has not sugar in it.

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What about using a "high quality" instant mashed potato (or dehydrate your own potato flakes) for a crust on a fried potato cake?  Would that work?

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That could work. We use a mashed potato and leek cake that gets seared as a starch on the menu already. I like the idea. Trying to find the meat, corn, potato... so with a fried potato cake, how would you change the corn? 

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doesn't pop corn have a hard section from the original shell?

wont this affect your uniform coating? perhaps through a coarse sieve you could -after a mild blitz- you could start with a uniform substance?

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we do a shepards pie with polenta and parmesan

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