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Travel/Culinary School

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I'm seriously considering going to europe for a few months and taking an in-depth culinary course.

Cordon Bleu in Paris was highly recommend but when I visited their site, it only said that classes were taught in French and translated in English.  Wasn't sure what that meant exactly.


Can anyone explain further how this is done?


I'm probably looking for an intensive course (about 2-3 months) that would also allow me at least some personal time to enjoy Paris or possibly travel on the weekends to some other cities.  I don't want to go all the way to Europe to spend every possible second in the kitchen.


Any other recommendations of schools, cities or programs I should look into?  The cost is not a huge factor.  I'm thinking September, October, November or something... And would like to find a program in a city with great night life and great people.


I only speak English.



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In a similar situation, shame no one answered... Consider this a bump!


Intensive courses covering all aspects of cookery sounds ideal, and having the lessons in French would be good - probably help pick some up along the way~

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