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Macarons or is it Macaroons?

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Hey guys! I am an aspiring baker and I want to get really good at it so one day I can open up my own bakery when I am older. My current project is making macaroons for my sister's birthday. I want to make the French cookie version and I have been researching them from different blogs but I was hoping that y'all could help me out by giving me some tips. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Also any recipes y'all have, I would love to try. Thanks so much! chef.gif

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Hi baketrobe,


Macarons are difficult to learn,  but easy to make once you have learned it.  I make it all the time now w/ success...  it can be tricky,  but when you know exactly how it is done,  guaranteed you will not fail anymore..  I measure my ingredients by cups or ounces not scale.  I get the same results every time. Keep praticing.    w/ French Macarons,  it is better to under mix than over mix.  Do you have a recipe already ?


I made this last March... for an auction..  Overview,  the important factors are:  whipping egg white really stiff;  pulsing the Almond flour to finer texture; aged  eggwhites and letting it dry after piping so it develops "feet"  when baked..  Good lucksmile.gif



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Thank you so much for the advice. I made some today, they were strawberry and I think they turned out really well. Thank you so much for sharing that picture, it looked amazing! One question I have now is how did you get them to puff up so much? Did you make the macarons flat when you piped them or did you make them thicker? Thanks again for the advice smile.gif

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If they are done correctly,  they should puff up,  and that is when you see the "feet".  I just piped them ,  then let them dry for 45 minutes.  Glad your turned out well,  as you mentioned.

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