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X45CrMo15 boning knife

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I found a knife at work last spring and my boss said I could keep it.  It is a cheap Dexter "iCut" knife and I can not sharpen it.  I tried raised a burr and couldn't get to do this simple step in sharpening.  I was wondering if the steel had anything to do with it not taking an edge.  All of my knives are sharp and kept sharp, but I'm beginning to think this knife should be a garden knife to dig in the ground with.  So is X45CrMo15 a PITA to sharpen or am I not getting something?

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Those are Dexters imported line made of German steel. Shouldn't be any harder than a german knife.


FWIW though boning and fillets once they get real dull tend to be a PITA compared to a dull chef.


The curvature near the bolster throws another monkey wrench into it.



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X45CrMoV15 is a German steel used in many inexpensive knives.  It's only 0.45% carbon which isn't "high carbon" except in Germany.  Because of its low carbon content, it's not "strong" and can't be hardened very well -- but it is rust resistant and very "tough." 


"Tough" means, among other things, that it's abrasion resistant.  For that reason, it won't grind well on many abrasives.  Since it's a crap knife made with crap alloy, your best bet is probably to use something extremely aggressive like one of those carbide wheel setups "as seen on TV."  Even though the alloy is fairly fine grained, if you want a fine edge and don't have the right sharpening equipment, throw the knife away and get something worth sharpening.


Too cheap to cry over.



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Thank you sir for your answer.  I will stop trying to save it and move on.

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Originally Posted by chutney View Post

Thank you sir for your answer.  I will stop trying to save it and move on.


If you aren't going to save it I'll trade you something for it.


I have loads of reconditioned blades to pick from. PM me a wish list of knife types. I have some NSF blades and many old wood handled ones.


I'm in San Diego FWIW.



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