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Just Joining

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Hello to all,


Just found out about this websit through a friend (enabler) at work. I love to buy and read cookbooks and try all kinds of new things. Looking forward to finding lots of new things to try on here.. Hope to hear from you all.



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Aloha Nezzi and Welcome to Chef Talk,

so glad that your friend steered you this way. 

As a Home Cook myself, I have learned things

that I thought that I didn't need to know,

but sure happy that I do now. 

Jump in to the conversations that interest you,

but as you and I are not employed in the culinary professional,

the three Pro forums are read only to us folk. 

Do take advantage of the Search engine at the top of the page,

there are many topics that have been

around the block many a time already

and you may find something that you're looking for there. 

Should have question in regard to the website

you can Private Message one of the Mods or Admin people.

Mostly, have a great time!

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Hi everyone. I'm new here as well. Hope to learn a lot of interesting cooking staff :)

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