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My introductory story

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My name is Sean. My desire to pursue culinary perfection surfaced while stationed in South Korea. In my time there I met what I would say was my first mentor in the world of cooking. A country boy who loved to cook taught me my first valuable lesson in cooking. At the time we worked on the late shift together. We made a habit of getting off work on Thursday morning, (if military obligations did not get in the way) going to his house off base with as much beer and/or alcohol as possible and cooking some of the best food I have ever eaten. Smoked briskets, smoked cornish hens, casseroles, steaks, gumbos made in a huge cast pot he seemingly had not limit what he could make. One day in particular he was making a rub for a brisket when I decided to ask him how much black pepper he put on his rub.... his response was "about this much" as he poured an unmeasured amount into his hand and sprinkled it over the well marbled brisket. He then smelled his creation... looked over intently and proclaimed "GOOOOOODDD". At that time I learned the most valuable lesson I could ever learn. Cooking is a fine art, only to be challenged with your own creativity using nothing more than your own senses. Since than I have adopted the same principals that he so flawlessly expressed in so many words. And the result has been some of the best dishes I have ever made. I have begun to love the challenge and wish nothing more than to subject myself to ever more harder challenges as I progress. 

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First and foremost Spmrks, thank you for your service! 

Second, isn’t it all amazing?  I have been cooking for family and friends for many years, and I still learn something.  A lot of my schooling in the past year has been right here at Chef Talk.  You’re going to love it here.  Check out the Articles, Reviews, Galleries and the Search Bar at the top of the page, there are many topics that my interest you that you have gone around the block a few times.

Also, the Community guidelines and FAQ are most helpful.  Should you have further questions in regards to the website, PM a Mod or Admin person for help.

Mostly ENJOY!

Aloha (welcome)

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Thank you for your support it is much appreciated. Many of the articles on this site have already peaked my interest. A great deal of knowledge is written in those words and I have spent many hours reading through them and trying to absorb as much as I can.

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Well, Spmrks, we’re glad that you’re not lurking any longer, join the conversation …

One thing though, the three Pro forums are read only to nice folks like you and I who are not employed in the industry… they surely make for an interesting read… I like to see what the chefs talk about…

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