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   Okay...I'll give you your due (or un-due).  Your description of what unfolded sounds pretty bad.  But I've got to say...we (the internet people) sit in our chairs ripping the reality food show contestants.  Many times saying, or thinking we (or one of our friends) could do a better job.  But I just get the feeling when it all comes down to it, and you only get one chance to pick, plan and execute A dish...I just get the feeling it's much harder than we think.

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Good job man, for trying your best and learning from the experience. I bet it didn't suck half as much as you said it did, and you're probably more motivated to cook now.

Whatever comes next will be even better. Keep cookin'!

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Sorry to hear things did not turn out so well for you Iceman. I had hoped you were going to take the show on the rainbow ... However, now you have the experience to be more sucessful on the next one ...


All my best,

Margaux. ( photo: fresh crab salad )


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Dan, Gone Fishing,


How are you ? Plans for the Summer ?  We are over in Puglia, Italia at our summer home, however, I thought of you the other day when I made a shellfish paella ...


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Originally Posted by margcata View Post

Dan, Gone Fishing,


How are you ? Plans for the Summer ?  We are over in Puglia, Italia at our summer home, however, I thought of you the other day when I made a shellfish paella ...



  Hi Margcata!  The paella looks delicious!  Our family took a nice driving vacation to various parts of Florida...we hit a ton of beaches and lots of fresh seafood.  The images of Puglia, Italy are breathtaking.  I'll get a few pictures up of the kids on vacation and send you a message.



   I was really pulling for IceMan to make the show.  Not only is he a fellow Chicago native...but a ChefTalk'er!  But I'm guessing...with his drive and determination...this won't be the last of his opportunities.


   Take care Margcata!

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LOL.  Thank you for your thoughts.   I was a perfect example of someone who "just didn't get it".  That's a funny thing too.  The first thing my wife said was "... for someone with your experience ... and all the shows you've watched, ripping the bajeebies out of the contestants ... you would think that YOU wouldn't make the mistakes that YOU did ... I guess you suck huh?". 


Next time will be different (I hope, LOL)

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OK. THIS is the "Next Time" ... And I just said "NO".

WTF?!? I was just invited to be a contestant on "Top Chef". I graciously said "Thank You very much", and declined. I think I'll be needing some therapy.
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O M G are you serious??! You're incredible! That show does look fun although we probably just can't see the crap stains on the contestants pants.. I don't blame ya
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THANK YOU, laurenlulu. NO, I'm not incredible though. It seems as though I just do what I do really cool, and someone was interested. To tell you the truth, I can't figure out what they saw in me all so much. If I pulled each and every one of my tricks out of my magical chef bag I might make it through the second week ... and only if 2 others really sucked. I come with lots of baggage that wouldn't go over well on the show. I won't touch foie gras or veal; no way no how. I don't do "molecular gastronomy". I don't think I have any real original recipes of my own. I do not take criticism very well. I would not take much of it from many of the judges. On top of that ... there are at least a dozen of the past contestants from the beginning of the show that I would have choked if they did or said what they did or said to me instead of someone else. Thank you still for your good thoughts.

OMG. I just realized how much I sound like a guy who's pet just died. ... SORRY. It's only a freaking game show. I think I'm gonna puke.
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Plating? Meh toss it on whatever is handy and eat


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