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Just wanted to say hello.. Just moved to Nyc, got my first exec gig there. 

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Raytappy, and congrats!

Where did you move from?  And where is it that you're working now?

Certainly glad you found us, the Community is over 40,000 now and growing, you just added one more.

Heh now, don't forget about us Home Experts, you can bring alot to the table too.

Take a look around the Articles, Reviews and Galleries there's some nice stuff there.

Once you've glanced over the FAQ and Guidelines, if you have further questions in regards to the site, PM a Mod or Admin person for help, everyone is most respectful here.  Try the Search Bar at the top of the page too, plenty of past discussions that may interest you.

Mostly, have a blast!

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