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Gazpacho Served with: Avocado Pesto & Grossini

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How do you Gazpacho ?


Do you serve it in Martini stemware or a ceramic of crystal bowl ?


Which types of garnish do you apply ?


If anyone would like to have this classic Spanish tomato gazpacho, please do not hesitate to ask. The Pesto is prepared with avocado guacamole.



** Photo taken at our condo in Puglia on the Adriatic.


Kind regards.


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Oh, please for the recipe! 


I have more farmer's market tomatoes on the counter than I can reasonably eat just sliced up with salt, pepper and olive oil and avocados were on sale at the fruit market this week.


It's beautiful!



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Chicago Terry,


Sincerely appreciate your lovely note.


Here is the Gazpacho Recipe ( 6 servings) :


1.250 kilos of fresh ripe red tomatoes

1 medium size onion chopped finely

1 medium sized cucumber peeled and chopped into cubes

1 small to medium size green bell pepper sliced finely

250 grams of day old Italian or French style Baguette cut into cubes

ice water

salt to taste

white wine vinegar or Spanish Jerez Sherry Vinegar to taste

Evoo ( extra virgin olive oil from Spain ) to taste



1. scald the tomatoes in boiling water very very briefly in order to peel the tomatoes and sack the seeds

2. chop finely the other vegetables

3. work in batches mixing the tomatoes and vegetables in a Food Processor or Blender

4. soak the bread cubes in the ice water

5. add the moistened cubes of baguette in the Food Processor and pulse

6. add salt to taste along with Evoo and Vinegar

7. Re-combine in FP or Blender

8. Serve cold in bowls or Martini stemware




If you have an Aztec Molcajete, which is a stone Mortar and Pestle; or in a bowl: Mix ripe Hass Avocados ( chunky style ). Add a small onion, 3 or 4 garlic cloves minced and drizzle with fresh lime and sprinkle fresh cilantro. Combine well ...


Then, place a Tablespoon on top for garnish.


Serve with Grossini bread sticks or Corn Chips ...




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Many thanks! 


It's been very hot here lately. This is just the recipe I need right now.



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  Hi Margcata!


   Garden tomatoes are plentiful and I will be making some Margcata Gazpacho today...thanks for posting!


   Oh yeah, Here's a few pictures of the kids on vacation :)


  eat well!



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Thanks so much for your lovely photos and hope that you have enjoyed the Gazpacho ...


Let me know how it has been ...


Have wonderful summer,

Margaux with all my kindest regards.

post #8 of 14 nice :)


   I loved the balance of the garden tomatoes with the cucumber...the avocado and cilantro gave it a direction I haven't gone with gazpacho too.


    Thanks again for posting the recipe Margcata!

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I'm going to use the Avocado Pesto tonight on some of our homegrown lettuces and call it a relish.

We're still a ways away from ripe tomatoes yet.

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Chef Ross,


Thanks for your contribution and feedback.


Have a lovely August,


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X can mean two things:


a former boss, lover, friend, etcetra


an error or wrong answer



Which are you referring to ?


Have a nice August,


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Dan Gone Fishing,


Thanks again for the feedback and contribution ... The children are beautiful.


Kindest, and have a wonderful August.


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Classic Spanish Gazpacho: originated in Málaga approximately around 1630. Here is a more traditional approach which I had prepared at Le Cordon Bleu in the Madrid Capital; the garnish:  to the cold tomato soup includes, bread a day old croutons, de-seeded cucumber diced, bell pepper green and red finely diced and scallion finely chopped.  


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