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Hello all chefs; my dilemma.


I spent 17 years behind the line at high volume resorts style cooking. In the 90's I decided to take a hiatus and get some brain food by attending a local community college and took some restaurant management courses.


While attending community college three nights a week, I needed a day job and went to work part time at a computer company as a warehouse shipping clerk, which turned into a accidental career change and 17 years inside a cubicle. I've never lost what I learned as a talented cook and being a true foodie, the love of food will always be in my blood.

I walked away from Cubicle land (and a decent pay check) several years ago to pursue my passion, cooking. No restaurant would hire me, they all wanted recent experience. So I opened a personal chef business that rocked and took off until the economic meltdown, now I get some biz but nothing where it was. I don't want Cubicle land again, some of you may think I'm crazy, I'm not...well maybe a little.


My dilemma, I love the food and restaurant business, how do I get back in the saddle? Back in the kitchen?


I can make handmade Artisan breads (give me a mixer w/ a bread hook, some flour. yeast, i'll do the rest) along with soups, stocks, and sauces from scratch.


Any advice?