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Wise Career Move?

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Hello everyone, I see some very seasoned chefs here during my lurking stage of forum joining.  I was hoping to get feedback on my most recent career move.  I have been cooking in a local chain restaurant for almost a year.  It was very fast paced, and all of the food was made from scratch (everything!). The menu changed seasonally, and featured dishes inspired from around the globe.  I did very well there and gained a lot of knowledge. I definitely had potential to move up in time.  I started out in pizzerias, and recently I got a call from one of them asking me to come back as the manager.  The pay was salary, and worked out to be the same hourly pay (but with 58 hours instead of 39.x).


I took about two weeks to think it over before accepting the offer.  I'm in charge of ordering, menu creation/specials, hiring/firing, customer service, marketing and opening/prepping/lead cook on the busy weekends....But it's a pizzeria.  My position will always be there for me at the job I left, and it's still been eating me up inside whether or not this was a step-up or not.  The food at the pizzeria is also from-scratch, but not nearly as eclectic. I'm all about résumé building!  I'm passionate about food and hospitality in general, so this is to be my life-long career.  I'm looking to build up my résumé enough to eventually land a chef/sous chef position at a reputable restaurant so I can begin my life (marriage, kids, etc).  So your 2 cents is much appreciated, I've gotten no opinions from anyone in the industry.



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The management part is good for the resume, but you need to keep active in the culinary world as you work there. Do cook-offs, recipe contests or work one day a week at a high-end place, even if you have to volenteer some time.


Also try a line of gourmet pizzas you develope yourself and inpress the owner/ corperate manager.


Good Luck!



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