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I am posting in the professional forum because I know that in terms of product awareness you guys would be my best resource. What I am looking for is a set of various size round ravioli cutters/presses, that also have a decent built in sealing capability. I've accomplished this so far by finding some appropriate sized coffee lid, or similar device and then I have the time consuming and less consistent task of sealing it with a fork.


I have a similar press to this:



But I find the seal is really not adequate. If you know of such a product I would appreciate the info on it! If not, perhaps you might wish to share your technique? I like to make larger ravioli so the machines, plates, etc. are all unattractive to me. Maybe at the end of the day I just have to perfect sealing with a fork or make my own cutters with the sealing I imagine. Thanks, hope this wasn't an intrusion.