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I've seen them used on TV all the time.. as I researched the idea seemed very appealing to me.. tender greens that represent a non-traditional "salad green" flavor .. such as broccoli, kale, cauliflower, etc. Yet that's not a product an average person can procure. So I have a pack of 1500 lettuce seeds that I ordered a while back, along with various onion and spinach seeds. I also have about 8 varieties of basil. I am going to get a couple containers for seed starting and grow some.


Has anyone grown their own? How did you like the end result? I know this will be easy to accomplish.. I've never had a problem getting my seeds to the stage that I would harvest them for micro-greens. Any chef opinions on their usage? Are they cliche, or is there a real culinary value to the over traditional greens? Any particular varieties that you really think are just stellar?