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Looking forward to being an active member on the site.  Had to shake the digital dust off... Think I signed up years ago and just rediscovered it and immediately got excited about participating this time!  All those years ago I was fresh out of culinary school and now I've got some years of great experience under the belt.  Hopefully I can learn and contribute at the same time.

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ALOHA!  Welcome back into the fold thestcul, I didn't notice any dust.

You know already what a great place this is and how it all works, right?

If not try the FAQ or even PM a Mod or Admin person with question you may have about Chef Talk.

Dive right in, I'm sure that some of the "kids" would love to hear from a sage wisdom of expertise,

but please don't forget about us Home Experts as well. 

Would love to see some pix of your work and maybe a couple of articles too.

First and foremost, Enjoy!

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