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Hello everyone I worked in a cafe for 6yrs, I learned the basics from my Grandmother. I have been doing construction for along time and its time for a change so I am a 1st year culinary student and Im going back in the fall and maybe opening my own place. So I joined this site to get ideas and share some of mine because we are students after all.wink.gif This Matt.
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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk, is it Matt or Reidar?

Wow, changing careers can be rough, good for you.

As a Home Chef, we are asked not to post in the three Pro Forums

(that includes the Student Forums)

but to me, it sounds like you’re more of a Culinary Student, right? 

But jump in, chat, have a good time. 

For myself as a Home Expert, I’ve learned so much here. 

Once you’ve gone over the FAQ and the Community Guidelines and you still have questions in regards to the site, PM a Mod or Admin person.

The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are great as is the Search Bar at the top of the page.  There are so many topics that have gone around many times.

Mostly, enjoy

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It is Matt, Reidar is my German Shepherd name, I'm a Culinary student as of right now and I love it. I'm working part time as a tower technician I been working 7 years at it and tired of it. So I'm going to do what I love now, even if it requires me to open a concession stand to start out, I'm o.k. with that. 

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What is the Three Pro Forum?  If this web site is for culinary students our we all not students?

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Look down the list of fora.  There are three which are for professionals only (ie only those presently working in a culinary role can post there), there is also a culinary student forum where both students AND anyone else (including instructors/lecturers) can post.


This is not a site specifically for culinary students but one where there is a meeting of those who are presently employed as chefs/cooks or similar, students of that craft and others (like me, for instance!) who are merely enthusiastic amateurs.

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