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Am I the only one who enjoys doing brunch?


Today maybe not so much seeing as I'll be there from 9am-9pm MST, but there's something about having a basically empty restaurant fill to the brim for 3-4 hours with only 6-7 people working


Oh and first post. Awesome site here guys :D

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plate service or buffet?.  i loved doing it when in canada.  my favorite was the omlette station on the buffet.  3 pans at once.  met some cute girls making breakfast.  my favorite line when a girl asked what is your speciality. " breakfast"


not so much call for it in austria.  unless it is at one of the international hotels.  but brunch is good for young cooks to learn,  i found for me it rounded my skills.  the MEP, the sauces,  egg cooking,  makes for a better cook to work the brunch. 

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I've pretty much always liked doing brunch/breakfast. The exception being in my younger, hard partying days and that was more of a dislike of being up early/hungover rather than cooking a brunch menu.

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In most cases it gives the Chef and cooks a chance to think outside the box. The daily menu is set, everyone is board, the Brunch gives everyone a chance to be creative. I was just at a Marriott in Boston, they offered not a Brunch, but a daily breakfast buffet. This is one presentation of Poached egg with Hollandaise on a  bed of homemade Corned beef hash. I though of this as a nice brunch item, giving the guest a egg item that is not as overwhelming as a large omelet.



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