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My gf is absolutely obsessed with Korea. She love the music the movies, and especially the food. She asked me to whip her up some kimchi. I found this recipe:(link deleted) and went from there. Alot of improv went into it but it still will probably turn out awesome. This was my final recipe


1 Head Napa Cabbage

1/2 cup shredded carrot

20 red raddishes

3 Cloves garlic

1 small ginger root (makes about 3T, LEAVE SKIN ON)

1 dried Ghost pepper of average size

1/2c Kosher Sea Salt

1 apple

1 pear


2 Identical big glass bowls

2 Large Mason Jars


Phase I

Pull napa lettuce apart leaf by leaf until the leaves are sticking to each other too much to get off in one piece.

Pour 1/4c salt into a 1/3 pan so that it covers the bottom

Punch the leafs of cabbage down onto the salt.

Arrange the leaves of lettuce in the bottom of glass bowl, stems down all pointing to the bottom of the bowl, shingling them as you go and sprinkling salt on them before covering with new leaf.

Place second bowl on top of first one.

Fill with Ice water

Wrap together with saran wrap so the leaves are being pressed inbetween the 2 bowls.

Place in icebox for later.


Phase II

Cut core of head of cabbage into 1" wide strips by cutting perpendicular to the core.

Pull apart and strain.

Remove root and stem of raddishes, quarter them

Small dice both the pear and apple, leaving the skin on them but making sure to wash off pesticides (or just buy organic)

Shred carrot

mince garlic

grate ginger

powder ghost pepper

Mix above 3 into a fine paste


Phase III

After prepping ingredients remove compressed cabbage leaves from icebox

Leaves should be limp but not falling apart.

Rinse and strain

Squeeze the water out of the leaves, I find 5 at a time to work the best, then all of them at once just to be sure.

Cut into 1" slices like with the core

Combine with ingredients from phase II

Mix well until there arent any garlic or ginger clumps.


Phase IV

Deposit mix into jars, compressing every half inch or so.

I fit this entire recipe into 2 jars when compressing properly.

Make sure there isnt an air gap at the top, if there is then add more cabbage.


Cold ferment in icebox for 2 weeks, tasting daily.

To curb spiceyness, add ginger

To curb saltyness, add radish.

To curb tartness, add apple/pear


Enjoy over rice with a glass of Soju.

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This is what I ended up with

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I like oyster kimchee so hot and fermented that you can hear it muttering threats.



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Right On sssnax! 

That’s the kind of Boy Friend I wish I had back, oh, 50 years ago!lol.gif

Being from Hawaii, there is such a melding of cultures which brings their foods as well.

I gotta say I love Cucumber Kim Chee!




This is pretty much a staple dinner in our home. 

It’s Chicken Katsu (think Chicken thigh Schnitzel with a yummy dipping sauce made with Hoi Sin),

gotta have my steamed white rice with Shoyu (soy sauce) and Furikake (sea weed and sesame seed sprinkle)

AND a quick Cucumber Kim Chee, which I make with this:


my stuff I found at Lee Lee's Supermarket in the desert South West


This company is in Hawaii, but I found some of their products here in the Desert South West.


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A ghost pepper sounds pretty darn hot for this purpose.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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ya' know the last time we were in our "oriental supermarket"

there was the Korean red chili powder, I forget the name of it...

but it just looked wicked hot sitting there on the shelves. 

I saw in the Mega Mart in the refrigerated section with the

jars of salad dressings, Kim chi (won bok) and they wanted $6!! 

In Honolulu I paid maybe $2, go figure...

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The powder is gochugaru; the paste, gochujang.



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thanks bdl 

I think I'm going to try it the old school way next time  licklips.gif

Honey, where's my shovel?

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Thanks for sharing the recipe! 

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