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Hello all!!!


My name is Zack and I am a passionate home cook potentially making the transition to a professional cook. I greatly enjoy this forum, as I have searched it many many times for advice or information, and finally decided to register myself.

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Curriculum, Credentials, Confidence.


Culinary school provides you with with a (hopefully) complete curriculum.  What that means is that it will give you a base of knowledge about a lot of things, just a taste.

Depending on the circumstances, the credentials that graduating from culinary school can hold weight, but sometimes it's meaningless.  Depends on the individual and circumstances.

For some people, Culinary School gives them a boost of confidence.

Is culinary school necessary? No.  Not for everybody.

If your goal is to be a chef in a restaurant, then start working in a restaurant.

There are definitely concepts, methods and attitudes that I learned in culinary school that I still use today - and these are things that I wouldn't have picked up in the number of restaurants and jobs that I've worked since.

A good Culinary School will never be a waste, but what does the cost-benefit analysis tell you?  That's an very personal process.

Factor in what your loan-payments are going to be, and what your salary will likely be.  Work that into your budget and don't cut ti too close.  If there's a decent chance that the loan payments will put you under water, then there's your financially-driven answer.


I'm not sure what you mean when you say you enjoy your 8 year career, but not like you love food.  Please expound on that. 

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First off, sorry to post this here, I edited my post and moved the question to the appropriate forum, so I apologize that it looks like you are commenting on a hello thread. Also, what I meant regarding that statement is that I enjoyed what I did for my career at that time, I was very fortunate to have a job that I enjoyed, but enjoyment doesn't mean love. I absolutely love food and cooking and a profession regarding that love is an extreme passion of mine. I hope that cleared up any confusion.


Thanks again for the reply.

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Doesn't clear it up at all.

You were working in the profession you love, with food you love, cooking what you love...But you only kinda enjoyed it?


What's to say you're going to feel any differently working in restaurants, or (eventually) running your own business?  

It sounds like you might be loving the concept, but not the actuality and everything involved that makes it a profession/career.

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No no sorry. I was working as a Deputy Sheriff, in the law enforcement field. I did enjoy that, but it wasn't something I was super gung ho about. It was a good learning experience and taught me a lot about discipline and how far I can push myself to accomplish goals, and the amount of stress I can learn to deal with (which is incredibly high.) I have only recently looked into getting BACK into culinary school and the food industry, which is where my true passion lies.


Rereading my original post, I understand the confusion. NOW I hope this may clear up some confusion. My working experience in the food industry is mainly limited to front of house duties, which is what lead me to want to get into the kitchen. Again, thank you for your response.

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Great.  Now that you've edited you're original post, my responses make even less sense than normal!

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Lol I do apologize for that, however I am greatly appreciative to your responses.

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