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Starting from Scratch

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I graduated with a Psychology BS in 2004 but have had a lifelong passion/love for cooking and food. I always knew I would spend my life in kitchens. Several months ago I completed my first stage and landed a line position at a growing Italian deli/restaurant/bar in Atlanta and have loved every second of it. Through a chain of events (and previous management experience) I found myself in the position of Kitchen Manager shortly after beginning.


I am eager to learn and fully aware that I am at the bottom rung of the preverbal career ladder. I am hoping to get a sense of how others worked their way through the restaurant world, if culinary school is more beneficial than practical experience and how to best gain varied experience.



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Aloha Drue and Welcome to Chef Talk

Ya' know, I'm thinkin' that a 'psyc degree could be very beneficial in a kitchen environment!

And, WOW!  You've moved rather quickly up the food chain in your place, good for you Drue!

I'm sure that I speak for many here that we look forward to hearing more and possibly see some of your work in the Gallery.  It looks like you've already discovered the Forums, be sure to check out the Articles too. 

The Search bar at the top of the page is great to find past discussions on topics that may interest you.

Once you've gone over the FAQ and Community Guidelines, should you have question in regards to the website, please feel free to PM a Mod or Admin person. 


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