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Hello everyone. This is my first time trying to use one of these sites for help. I have been a line cook for the last 9 years on and off, so everything I've learned was from people who had many years experience so my knowledge is decently vast for not going to culinary school. But now I have ran into a sortof problem/sortof the answer to my prayers situation. I hope that this forum will help me get through in my time of uncertainty. Where would be the best place to post for menu and recipe ideas for bar food?



Oh, my resume:

2 years Breakfast cook 

1 school year workin in a college cafeteria

4 years at a mom and pop restaurant

6 months at a resort 

And now a few months at a bar and grill

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Aloha Y'all, Welcome eloop85 to Chef Talk.

Why don't I answer the question you have might want to post your question in regards to recipes and menu suggestions in both the Professional Chef Forum as well as in the Food & Cooking Questions and Discussion Forum (us Home Cooks have some good ideas too ya' know) as Non-Pros such as myself are asked not to post in the three Pro Forums.

And please don't overlook the Articles, Galleries and Reviews, they're pretty terrific too.  Maybe the Search Bar at the top of the page would help you out as well, seeing as many topics have been have been beaten around a few times.

Join any conversation that you find of interest and are relevant.

If you have questions about the website once you've read the FAQ and Communtiy Guidelines, PM a Mod or Admin person for assistance.


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The first thing you need to do is to do a search on here.

While you may get some responses here, it's somewhat rare to start an original thread, so there's a ton of information already on this site.


Next, you'll want to use this interweb thing and filter through everything that comes up in a basic search.


Once you come up with your list of menu options, you'll put in a bunch of hours scouring through recipes online and in print (try the library, too), breaking down and comparing different recipes for the same items, and using your intuition to reject the ones that look flawed, and if you have the ability, to develop your own.  


IME, it's not real cool to say, "hey everybody, can you do my work for me?"

You need help with a recipe for a specific item or 2 or even 3? cool.  No problem.

But what you're doing is...looking for a shortcut using other people's hard work.

If I owned a bar, I would not give you my menu and attached recipes.  I might sell them to you, but I worked hard on them, and so should you.  Or pay for my hard work.

You're not my friend, associate, partner or brother.  You're just a guy asking for a handout, IMO.


Hey, I imagine there's a cookbook out there based on bar food.  check it out from the library, or buy it.


People pay a lot of money for information.  of all sorts.


If I sound harsh, sorry.  But this is the way that I see it.


Put in the work; Reap the rewards.

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Post in Recipes

Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
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I'm not looking for a handout. I know it may have sounded like that, I am just at dead end on good ideas. I dont want recipes, I will make it how I think will go good around me, I am just looking for someone to throw an idea my way and I'll run from there. A two word response would get more attention from me than a full recipe. Thanks for ya'll's input.

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