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I have a question. Labor costs of 35% seems high to me. I know nothing about the business, it just seems high. Could someone break that down for me, hypothetically? Let's say for an average restaurant with a steady business, privately owned. 

Of that 35%, how much would go to the line workers, the managers, the operators? Would the owners pay come out of 'labor', or some other overhead?

And maybe the number of workers vs managers vs anyone above a manager?

Thanks. Just curious.

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Hello - I've taken over our small family hotel in lovely New Zealand - I'm a producer for photography so ! We've got great pictures ! But my last chef did not keep any records or cost properly ... i have a few questions.
For software looks like kitchen cut yes? It needs to be mac friendly as I am a Mac user
How do I factor in deep frying? I've been costing out a plate of oysters with salad and sauce ... but I see the bills ... gas / changing oil ... is there a simple way to take this into account?
I have a new chef - what should he be doing?
Wastage book? Stocktake? Finding and using cheapest suppliers? Weekly budget of purchases? Apart from costing and portion control of course
do you do a cost in expectation of fluctuation in market prices? We are a small community people come for the fish burger and expect it to be the same price ... but it has great cabbage coleslaw with herbs and costs vary in our seasons for cabbage .... so do I pick the highest estimate cost and then know I'm covered when produce is cheaper??
People are loving the food / loving the refurbishment / front of house etc .... but .... I'm not making money and food costs are a big part of this.
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Originally Posted by fryguy View Post

thats kinda been whats going on.....the praying part......sometimes it's good to be 2nd in charge. I'm the sous but just trying to help out if I can and thats what I see going on....54% worst food cost ever and i've been there 17 years....chefs a great guy but.....

wait 54%  in a COUNTRY CLUB  happens.Why?  cause all members want there food at a discount.  they pay dues so they want it at a lower price then the menu. my food costs were all around 42-52%.   keep in mind clubs are non profit.  parties and weddings balance costs out.  but how many weddings does a club do in  feb-dec-nov.  not many compared to  may through sept.  in our golf invational  the members did not want to pay a "price" for the 3 day event.  they wanted the COST  of the food   and labor.  so there was no sale.  reason ?  they figured that the golf course would loose 200 rounds of greens fees cause the course is tied up.  another reason FC can b high?  would you chefs want to serve a lesser product to your customers  or members?  they pay dues and want a better product  ok i sold chicken wing for 6.95 for 6.  the members came to me and stated "Well down the street this bar is selling order of 8 wings for 4.95,  the club should also" what to do there the boss. are you going to serve grade good meat and charge prime prices.  How about using turkey or pork cutlets for veal?  anyone do that?  it would lower the food cost all right. i had to have on my menu 9.95 specials every night.  and guess what the members ate the most of. some were golfers, some were early birds.  lets not forger spaghetti night  5.95.  fine all would b happy selling 100 or 150.  lucky to serve 80 covers all night.  and at the same time you have to have the main menu items for the members that bring there guests out for a 3 star meal.  and dont get me started on the different buffets for easter mothers day christmas lunches etc.  tell me buffets don't have a high cost!


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  let me add one more thing.  this happens 2 time  month from may to oct.  ladies golf outting.  they have a budget. a % for food-gifts and prizes.  9.95 per person for food.  1 starter  hot or cold entree' and a dessert.  no ice cream.   did i forget to mention the snacks on the turn?

cheese and crackers--pate--ham-chicken-tuna salad.  oh included in the 9.95 price.  dont repeat the snacks in the entree'  go ahead give out some suggestions?


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