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Choosing some new knives

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Firstly hi all,

                  I stumbled across this site while trying to do some research into some kitchen knives I've got my eye on.  While in a local shop I saw a few 'Richardson Sheffield Midori' knives and I've all but fallen in love!  I've had a long time obsession with pocket / camping knives and have a thing for VG10 steel so when I saw these Midori's were VG10 Damascus it was hard not to buy them there and then.


I figure i'll get a parer, an all purpose and a 12.5cm santoku for a total of £195.  I'll like to know if anyone has any experience on these knives, would you consider them a good buy or is there something else you'd recommend?


Any comment both for and against would be very much appreciated before I spend my pennies.

Thanks all


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Well I guess there's no need for recommendations and when arriving home from work my wife gave me a gift...



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