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What Does 'Other' Mean?

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Some folks here at Chef Talk have chosen their

Culinary Experience as 'Other'

I'm not understanding

Could someone help me out?

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You'd have to ask those who choose other I suppose.


But it could be something like a sales rep, Sysco for example, who supply restaurants. My brother was President of Basic American Foods for a while and Other would be the closest match to that for example.


The Front of House is not well represented in the list with only Server as an option.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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i looked through the options and sales rep / supplier were the only ones i could think of that weren't there. maybe farmers and fishermen should be an option. i would like to see the others say what they are, it would give a good perspective. i've only been on this forum for a short time but the term "home chef" makes me crazy; what does that even mean? some chefs on here are so quick to jump on kids that call themselves chefs without the proper experience or say that they just finished chef school that i'm surprised "home chef" is even a category. i hate the term chef school too. maybe really large families should have home demi chef de parties.

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rbrad, you crack me up! 

Too true though, I'm not getting that title of a 'home chef',

what the heck is that about?

I do consider myself a 'home expert'. 

I couldn't agree with you more on the matter of expanding the choice of culinary experience options here at Chef Talk. 

We have brewer, brewer? As in beer?

I think I'd rather know who was growing my fruits and vegetables. 

Who's bring my little piggys to market.

I could keep going if you want...


::Placing note in suggestion box, Nicko, could we posibly do that?::


Phatch, you're right too.

Maybe some folks out there in Chef Talk Land would like to 'splain how they came to checking the box maker 'other'.  That would interesting. 


AND... don't get me started about some members jumping all over others for anything!  ARGH!

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Hmmm... "Other" can be...


Culinary School Dropout

Line Cook Burnout

Guy who thought he could cook, but can't


Hooters girl

Restaurateur's Wife

Chef's Wife


I'd friggin' LOVE to see people put these down.

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Okay, I stand corrected

The choices are in the order as they appear:


Professional Chef

Culinary Student

At Home Cook


Professional Pastry Chef

Can't Boil Water

Culinary Instructor

Beverage Expert

Cook At Home

Line Cook

Professional Carter

Home Chef

Food Writer

Restaurant Manager

Sous Chef

Home Cook

Food Editor


Retired Chef


Former Chef

I just Like Food

Private Chef

Professional Baker



Married To A Chef

Party Planner

Just Graduated From Culinary School


Cheese Maker


Since I have joined Chef Talk a little over a year ago, it seems to me that the list grew

I didn't see Party Planner, I would have ticked that box!!

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did anybody choose 'other' ?  and why please?

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I chose Other because nothing else fit. I used to do pastry but now I am a PM Chef under an Executive and a Sous and none of the title options are accurate.

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Laurenlulu, what is PM chef?
Is it that you work at night?
As I am not a professional, this may sound naïve, I've never worked in the industry.
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Yep, the Sous Chef works from 6 am-230 and I generally work from 11 am-close so I'm in charge of the kitchen after 230. The Exec mostly does paperwork, book-keeping and is the middle man for organizing pulling off events as well as cook on the days that the Sous or I have off.

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So, for us Home Makers, it sounds to me like we do all of the above.

I have to do everyone's job and it really doesn't matter what time it is, I'm up to bat. 

DH told me again today that I really should go back to work because all I do is play all day


Tell me he didn't just say that? 

My feet and back, well basically every part of my body aches. 

I've been on my feet since I woke up this morning at 730am and it's now about 830pm. 

AND I don't get paid for this! 

okay, that's my rant for the month, I'll sit down now, thank you all for indulging me

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