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Single cream for sauce, need advice

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I am doing this sauce:

First of all, does it even sound reasonable? Is it possible to use only 200ml of single cream as the main liquid ingredient in a sauce? I know white sauces are usually done with milk and flour, why single cream?

I bought 35% and 10% cream at the store, should I mix them or just use the 10% cream? Does single cream even thicken when heated in a pan and how long will it preserve in the refrigerator?

I like the idea of that recipe, a mushroom sauce for rice sounds good.


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HI Beloved, I would use the 35% cream and follow the directions for cooking ad reducing/thickening the sauce, I would figure the starch of the rice would also help that happen. The single cream is a very rich, high fat cream up to 48% fat, they are looking to use the cream to flavor the sauce, just like you would use  acream in Alfredo sauce. The flour and Milk would be a Bechamel "Mother Sauce" used as a start/base for other sauces. If I were to make a Bechamel sauce for this recipe, I would want to add some of a mushroom base or chicken base to give it flavor. This would also work, but t isn't like the rich flavor you would get from using cream.............Take care, good luck, let us know how it turns out.....................ChefBillyB

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Alright thanks for the advice chef.

I used the 35% cream and it came out delicious indeed. Just had to add half a tblsp of flour to make it thicken. Also probably due to the heavy cream, it needs lots of lemon juice to make a difference.

All in all satisfied with this recipe. 

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