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Candy thermometer?

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Hey guys,


I am looking to do some cooking in a small saucepan with coconut oil. I will be using only 3 to 4 tablespoons of it at a time so I need a thermometer that will be able to read in that small amount of oil and that is it. I was looking online for a place to buy this and many of the candy thermometers I came across said the heat sensor was 2.5 inches up the thermometer, which I know is too big for my small amounts. 


Also, is the candy thermometer the best route to go? I am still learning many of the simple things about cooking so don't hesitate to critique or correct me. 

I was looking at amazon and found a few but some of the reviews on those things made me nervous. Any help is appreciated!

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I would invest in a immersion probe, obviously a candy thermometer won't work with such a small amount of oil.

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I can't even visualize being able to temp such a small amount of oil accurately.  All I can see is the pan itself being temped.

What are you making that's requiring this?

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