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Looking for home kitchen equipment

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I am moving closer to where I work in then next week or two and I would like to update my kitchen. Right now I live about 30 miles away and with my family owned business I work quite a bit so that leaves us with little to no time at home so we often eat out and if we cook at home it is usually something frozen (costco usually) and I want to get away from that. I am pretty adequate in the kitchen, but right now I don't have time to make anything. When we move I'll work minutes from home and I'll have an even larger kitchen than I do now. I can't wait to put it to work.


Now I am working with a bunch of old cookware and I can't stand it. Usually the cookware I need I don't have so I have to improvise. I would like to buy new everything. I prefer stainless steel and glass bowels, but I usually buy anything. I have looked around locally but theres really no store around me that has the stuff I want/need so I was hoping to buy a majority of it online if I can. There is one store that deals specifically with cookware, but they are in a mall so their too fancy and expensive. The stuff I will be buying will get used on a daily basis so I want it to last. I am more concerned with quality then looks.


Is there any good sites out there that have good prices? I searched but I didn't want to buy off of just any site. I also searched on here, but I didn't see a whole lot. Thanks for the help!

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You have a really fun project ahead of you!


You may have to dedicate a couple days to this, but I think might be a god source for you.

For our business, our #1 source has been


Also consider Macy's and other department stores - when they have sales, you can get good deals.  And being brick & mortar, you can look and feel at what you're buying.

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Thanks for the reply! I was looking at amazon today and saw a few awesome deals. As soon as we move I will be start the buying process and will do as you said and buy most of it in stores if I can. 


Sorry for rambling on a bit in my first post, I was overwhelmed because I had spent the morning looking on websites and local stores for some things. I am looking for one item that I saw on DDD a few days back and it was a pasta maker. I am not sure what its name is, but you can feed pasta dough into it and you roll it through the machine to make various sized noodles and such. Then there was a ravioli template that has two sides to make ravioli. 


I like making things from scratch and love pastas so these two are on my must have list  biggrin.gif

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Just have to add... DON'T totally turn your back on "used" stuff!  have found some great things at yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets.  Just a few include... a square, leCreuset grill pan (blue enamel exterior in PERFECT shape and CI interior), a CUisinart food processor, a "vintage" KD stand mixer, KA 7-speed hand mixer (NEVER even out of box), Foodsaver vac sealer (and LOTS of accesories)... and a lot more.  KNOW it didn't spend a total of $100 for these items.  Bought a bread machine and a juicer... cuz were very clean, looked never/rarely used, and CHEAP.  When they ended up being something I really wasn't WOW over... just donated to a thrift store.


If there is one item I'd suggest spending $$ on it would be good/decent KNIVES!!

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I have to second the thrift store suggestion. Pasta machines, for one thing, turn up all the time at thrift stores where I live. Most of my clay and metal bakewear has come from thrift stores as has my almost infinite collection of mixing bowls in all sizes.

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Sam's Club web site also has commercial kitchen items at a decent price.
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If you're near a big city, you're near a restaurant supply store.  If you're completely outfitting a new kitchen it might even be worth a longer trip.

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