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Ive been having a few issues at work with our chips wondered if any one could help


For the last 18 months we have been steaming the chips in the oven with garlic, thyme, salt and pepper but recently the results havent been the same, we have tried 3 different types of potatoes and different cooking times but the end product isnt as nice as we want.


can anyone help? or have any good ideas for the perfect chips?



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You need to tell us a bit more about what you are trying to make.

For most of us in here chips are fried and not steamed.

What kind of potatoes are you trying to create ?

Every smoker quits smoking sooner or later!

Only the smart ones are doing it while they are still alive.


Every smoker quits smoking sooner or later!

Only the smart ones are doing it while they are still alive.

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Sorry i wasnt very clear earlier.



what i have been doing the past 18 months is first par cooking my chips by steaming them for around 30 minutes then frying them for roughly 3 minutes or until golden brown in oil (180'c)


but recently the chips havent been tasting the same.


i was just wondering how other people have been cooking chips to make them taste better. i have tried triple cooked chips but im not a fan

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Sooooo....you were making a product you were very happy with a short time ago, but now the quality is inconsistent?

It sounds like the recipe and method you were doing was working just fine and all of you were happy.

The question is..What changed?

Is the person slicing them different?  is he doing them a different thickness? 

You need to break down every aspect of the method and look at each one individually.  Something changed - now you just gotta find out what.

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 do you mean deep fried chips as in English fish and ...

I use Maris piper potatoes. slice them into approx 1cm square slices ( you know what I am aiming at ) deep fry once in hot oil. They oil should bubble slightly when you drop them. when they all float and Sound slightly cripy when shaken  take them out and allow to cool while you cook another batch. Then when you take the second batch out the oil is hot enough to drop the first batch back in. when they all float and are very crisp on the outside and a lovely golden colour they are done drain and serve salted.


neve steamed potatoes in an oven, done roasted wedges in there or plain roast potatoes.

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