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Good Recipes about Feta Cheese?

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Hi i was searching about recipes with feta cheese Do you have any suggestions?

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Buonasera, Good Evening,


Here are some suggestions employing Feta:


1. Greek Salad

2. Tzatziki ( a Greek Yogurt dip ) or Tyrosalata which is a feta, long green pepper, red dry chili pepper & oregano with juiced lemon coarse mousse used to spread on crusty warm bread

3. Spanakopita

4. An International Cheese Platter

5. A Greek Caprese Salad: Tomato, Evoo. Feta. Fresh Basil. Modena Vinagre drizzle and Pita oven toasted.

6. Shrimp Saganaki

7. Fried Feta Cheese ( or fried Mozzarella di Bufala ).

8. Beetroot filled with tzatziki and mint ( see photo below ).


*** Hope this has assisted.


Have a lovely August.


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Beetroot filled with feta cheese tzatziki and mint herb ...


Lovely summer meze ( appetiser similiar to a tapa ) ...


Margaux Cintrano.

Photo: Madrid Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu.

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Tzatziki does not have any feta in it.


A good dip to make with feta cheese is with roasted red peppers, yogurt, and feta cheese.  Mix and add oil, vinegar, and some hot chili pepper.


You can also make tiropites, little triangle phyllo dough pastries.  For the filling mix 2parts feta cheese, one part ricotta cheese, fresh parsley and mint, eggs to bind.  Wrap with the phyllo dough and bake.


Fig and Feta salad - now that figs are in season this is one of my favorites!  Combine quartered figs, cubes of feta, fresh mint, and dress it with an olive oil/lemon dressing.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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My mistake, Tzatziki does not have feta ; I meant to write :


Tyrosalata ( feta, Evoo, long green pepper, dried chili pepper, oregano, lemon juice, black pepper ) ...


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Have a lovely summer.


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Thanks for posting the feta & fig suggestion. Gorgeous pair ...



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Stuffed red bell peppers with a mixture of feta and chopped pork in about equal parts.  Seasoned with pepper, chopped garlic, and fresh rosemary.  Browned the pork first.


I would have to say they were the best stuffed peppers I have ever eaten.

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Photo Courtesy: Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism


*** Beet salad with walnuts, vinaigrette & Feta.

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Photo Courtesy: Vassilis Stenos at the Hellenic Tourism & Foreign Trade Ministry

*** Cretan Spinach & Feta Pastries ( note: these can also be prepared with Phyllo )

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