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Looking for insight

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With today being what would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday I have been thinking of what kind of dish I could come up with in her honor. I looked at my aging grill, then my beautiful new stove and it hit me....A Beef Wellington Burger! I have all the usual suspects in play with the addition of a little brown ale along with the butter for the duxelles. I have decided it should be a stuffed burger but that is where I am stuck. Do I put the pate or the duxelles inside.....or do I mix the two? I am leaning toward the duxelles inside with the pate outside, all wrapped in a pastry dough of course. I want to hear what you guys/gals think. 

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Not an answer to your query but just for fun, google "julia child remixed" to find a very funny/sweet video tribute to Julia Child put together by PBS. It may put you in the mood to "bring out the roasted potatoes!"


I'd link but I don't want to get blocked by the spam filter. 

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I love that video, already have it posted on my facebook page. It made me wonder what kind of "Julia" spin I could put on the fries to with the burger.

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If you bake raw ground meat in pastry, you'll end up with a greasy, soggy mess.  Unless the meat is very lean it will leak fat like nobody's business as it cooks; and if it is very lean, it will still leak fat AND end up tasteless and dry. 


How about a deconstructed Wellington/Napoleon?  You could, for instance, build it as follows:  Pastry base, (rare or mid-rare) hamburger patty, pastry, a piece of sauteed pate, pastry, and cover the top layer with sauteed mushrooms, in very little sauce.  Alternatively, you could bake two layers of pastry and not separate the beef and pate. 


You want to be careful about putting anything too wet on puff pastry, as the pastry will go unpleasantly soggy.  If you must serve with sauce (we must!  we must!) be careful how you plate.  My own inclination would be to nappe over the top and down one side and to hell with it.


Julia Child was a wonderful cook and teacher.  Her greatest strengths were discipline and staying with the basics. 



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