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Come as you are party: what did you REALLY eat for dinner last night? - Page 2

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chicken broccoli (instead of beef) and fried rice - used that lower fat spam, no good!  gotta have full fat!!

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Spinach, mushroom, and sausage lasagna with a nutmeg parmesan bechamel.  Unintentional but pleasant result?  It is reminiscent of the Italian flag!

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I had this idea and thought I would see if it would work.



I took two rabbits, seasoned and seared in a frying pan, stuffed with mirepiox and thyme. 

Sear off mushrooms in the fond, deglaze and set aside.


Then place chopped carrots in a tall pot and caramelize.

Then get some color on the the onion and celery too, then deglaze and pince.


Now place rabbits on top.


Cover with 50/50 red wine and Glace de viande.


Cook at 180 for 24 hours.


Next day cool (I have an ice wand at home). 

Start a pot of boiling watter.


Remove the bones from the rabbit, be careful and get everything.

Then strain and reduce the cooking liquid, add cream (2 parts cooking liquid 1 part cream) and thicken (I used a white roux), add mushrooms.


Cook off some Cheese tortellini.

Add rabbit meat and mix in while still hot. 

Add sauce and serve.


It was so insanely good. Not so good for my heart but great for my taste buds.

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Half a bag of double dipped (salted peanuts) in milk chocolate and a book I cannot seem to put down (no...nothing to do with anything gray... shaded or otherwise, jo ;-)

Was it the salt that made this candy so addictive?

It was the new "nice!" brand of candy stocked at our local Walgreens.

The chocolate was rich and melted on my tongue like a "good" brand of chocolate does.

Could Russell Stover be bagging "generic" candy for this chain?

Walgreens seems to stock everything available by that brand.


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Tabbouleh with seared salmon

You can't lay on the beach and drink rum all day unless you start in the morning


You can't lay on the beach and drink rum all day unless you start in the morning

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Last night was our first freeze and it was dang COLD!

Back home, when the weather turned yucky it was time for

Won Ton Mein!!  (think noodle bowls)

More goodies in it the better as far as DH and I are concerned!

He likes Udon and I prefer Saimin noodles.

Add on top some Won Ton or dumplings, Chinese BBQ Pork (char siu), some Kamaboko or steamed fish cake (don't knock it), and garnish with green onions.

The broth I make from a mixture of chicken broth and Dashi, which is dried Bonito ground to a powder with some salt and MSG (just a scant amount). 





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A made up mix of home-made andouille, onions, potatos and cabbage, seasoned with thyme, bay, garlic, worcestershire and a little cayenne. With some roux and stock to gravy it up a bit. Whether that's a stew, a primitive gumbo-esque thing I don't know. It used things I didn't want to go to waste and that I had on hand.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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Chili Mac, that's right, that school cafeteria special of the day

I have no idea why I thought of this, but I wanted something soul-warming



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Was on the road coming home from the docs office (bronchitis and a sinus infection) so I went through a McDonalds drive thru. Had their new Cheddar onion bacon burger. Nasty, greasy, weird vinegar sauce flavor that killed it and my taste buds aren't that great right now. Fries were fresh though and that made up for it lol.gif about the only thing there I really like. I wasn't in the mood to cook last night. Night before that was a big batch of bison short rib chili. I cooked the ribs down with chili powder, shredded, returned to the bison stock that I boosted with a little beef BTB, some onions, more chili powder, fresh ground cumin, little mexican oregano, black pepper, salt, can of crushed tomatoes, and a pint of my own canned tomato sauce. Simmered for 5 more hours then added some cooked pint beans and simmered another hour. Pressure canned 9 pints of leftovers.

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a bit of a flop, patty melt and fries 



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Sloppy Joes and Potato Chips, yes canned sauce, yes commercial chips from a bag AND a great Root Beer to wash it all down



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I ate crab cakes and brussels sprouts. Tonight I had a filet mignon and gluten free home-made almond tortilla chips with guacamole.

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Yesterday is snowed so I made a stew with beef, pork, mirepoix, squash and potatoes.  A real clean up of odds and ends.  I dredged the meat in very well seasoned flour and after browning I deglazed the skillet with red wine, beef stock, tomato paste and red chili paste.  All of this went into a hot crock pot for four hrs.  And it was delicious not to mention it will be even better tomorrow.

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Yesterday I made my first chicken casserole using chicken thighs. It was pretty basic but pleasant enough; it was the dish I used to HATE whenever my mum put it in front of me growing up - the really slimy skin of the chicken, the watery broth and the carrots-that-disintegrate-into-mush thing has stayed with me for years, so I thought it was probably time to try and get over it.


I was really happy with the chicken, which just fell off the bone. I didn't mind the skin too much, although I'd rather I'd taken the time to crisp them up somehow before serving, and the broth was thick and flavourful.


The carrots still made my spine do that weird thing when you think too much about what it is you've just put your hand in. I'm just stumped as to what to put in there instead, though.

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Start the carrots later so they don't overcook.


Last night was meatballs in mushroom gravy and augratin potatoes from a box (I was feeling lazy). Nuked some broccoli in cheese sauce for a veg. Low effort meal and leftovers for tonight and tomorrow.

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All this comfort food . . . . . can't be a bad thing.

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Quiche Lorraine with tenderstem broccoli and honey-glazed chantenay carrots.
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Splurge night for us: I marinated lamb steaks with an herb, garlic, lemon and olive oil paste and, taking advantage of a bit of unseasonally warm weather for us in the northeast, grilled 'em rare. As sides we had pan roasted lemon potatoes (from our garden) and oven roasted cauliflower (from the farmers' market). A bottle of an Alexander Valley Cabernet filled the glasses. Delicious.


Now back to fiscal reality.

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We went to Costco and I challenged DH to stay by my side the entire time (he does not like "food shopping")

and he actually made it, with only a couple of grumbles.

They don't always have things that I like to buy, but this time they had frozen Steelhead Trout fillets, great price!

Trout Papillon with assorted vegetables of julienne carrots, celery, Yellow Bell Peppers, Scallions,

Bok Choy, Flat leaf Parsely, minced Garlic and a splash of extra dry Vermouth

Along side is a lovely salad with heirloom baby tomatoes and anchovies





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Meatloaf, garlic mash and gravy made from wild mushroom bisque.  It was really good.

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I'm 10 pounds heavier since i frequent Cheftalk.

Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
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I've gained 20 pounds !!

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Leftover odds and ends:


Goat cheese and beet gallette with fresh thyme in the crust. Sweet potato soup. Charred green beans and red bell pepper with harissa and toasted, slivered almonds. It was a very colorful dinner.


Thinking of making a pear croustade for dessert.

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We had our first hard freeze last night and it pretty much

never really warmed up today, so a late lunch of a repeat, my version of deluxe

Won Ton Mein. 

Udon noodles for Mister k~girl and Saimin noodles for me, char siu or Chinese BBQ pork, Kamaboko or steamed fish cake, pork and veggie dumplings or won ton, a flourish of sliced green onions and top it off with a soup of chicken broth and dashi.

This is our rendition of noodle soup ala Hawaii.

(please see my gallery photos, as this was served up not so long ago)

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I made chicken & dumplings.  Good for a cold wet night here in the PNW.

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I made this tonight - a simple whole roast chicken.  Had some kale and whole wheat stuffing on the side.  The skin is a lot browner than the lighting will allow.  It is also very crisp and delicious.



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It was a Trader Joe's kinda' night





Oh, and a salad...

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Last night I made Halibut with a saffron mussel sauce and a mango chutney. Tonight we had Chicken quesadillas.. Sorry I didn't get the pictures of my Halibut, but I will take them next time.
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I love halibut!

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Egg, ham and cheese crepes. And for dessert, Nutella crepes of course. talker.gif




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