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From Germany to japan, needing helps

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So I am an apprentice, I have a full set of mundial knives that have served me well, I bought them as a 1st year and am now in my third year, I also have a Victorinox 20cm chefs that I really like using except it doesn't hold an edge very well, I want something nice and light but still has the ability to hold an edge for a while, I've looked at the shun knives but have heard they are a bit over priced for what you get, basically I want to move from the German knives to the Japanese ones but with so much on the market it's hard to know what is good and who is b/sing, any feedback from people that have made the switch from German to japanese knives would be awesome, cheers
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  • Which knives do you need? And, in what sizes?  For instance:  10" chef's, bread, slicer, paring, boning.  By the way, that particular hypothetical set is a hypothetical set, and not a suggestion.  Depending on what you think you want, need, and can afford we may end up talking more about those choices.


  • How are you going to keep them sharp?  Incredibly important.  If you're not serious about sharpening, don't buy expensive knives.  A cheap knife gets as dull as an expensive one -- and vice versa.


  • What's your budget for everything? Also incredibly important.  If you can't afford a complete set of the knives you want AND a good sharpening kit, you'll have to be willing to make a lot of compromises.  If money is really tight, don't waste your money buying a knife that won't stay sharp because you can't afford to buy the tools to keep it sharp.   




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I'm not looking to replace my whole set currently in the mundial I have 10" chefs, bread, 8" carving, utility not sure size paring and turning, the smaller knives are good I dont mind them and the large chefs is good for those big jobs but it is just too heavy for anything that takes time, and my Victorinox 8" chefs just dosent hold an edge, I want to replace the Victorinox and maybe even go smaller, I have quite small hands so that's not a problem, not sure how efficient the smaller chefs knives are but I quite like the look of them, maybe even a santouko, never really used one, as for the money side, in Australia, or at least where I am in Perth, the government gives apprentices money along the apprenticeship to buy tools, and it has to be spent on work related items so I have $1000 that I need to spend on cooking stuff, as for the sharpening, im pretty much always sharpening my knives, I'm not sure that I'm very good at it, i need to find someone who is good and watch them and learn from them, I plan to buy a good set of stones with the money and watch videos etc.
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