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what knife should i get?

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I would like to purchase a new all purpose knife. I use knives in the prep room and the line so ineed something that can keep an edge. I have a habit of not being able to pull my knife back far enough so it would leave what I'm cutting not all the way cut like calamari and such. I would love toget a Japanese knife.right now I have a wusthof 8 in grand prix2 should I keep with what I have and develop better knife skills or just break into the knife I have now. I have been cooking for about 6-7 months help!!
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Sharpening skills, and commitment to learning?
Sticking with 8 inches, or longer?

Any other preferences?


By 'not cutting all the way' do you mean it cuts 99% through, but leaves a little attached (accordion cutting?)

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Yes!! How can I fix that??? I know how to use a whet stone and a steel. Also, i m all for trying and learning new things. I have no bills since I am under age so no budget :-) . I like 8 in but I might want to go longer although I feel like if any longer the blade will go off my cutting board.
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You need to see where the problem in the blade lies. Wusthof GP2 have a bolster and over time and sharpenings the bolster needs to be drawn down.


If so the blade may cut fine from the tip to some point closer to the bolster and then lose board contact because of the high bolster and you get accordion cuts back there.


Probably +60% of bolstered knives I see need to be reduced.


That may not be the problem but it would be the first to eliminate.



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