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what knife next????

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I recently bout a fujiwara knife. 300 and it has worked perfectly. I'm adjusting to it very well. But I am now worried about what knife to buy next. The place I work we clean A LOT of fish and steaks. But at the same time we do a lot of other prep work. Some people have even suggested a sujuki knife. Reason being it is multi purpose I assume. What are your thoughts???
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A 300 what? Gyuto? (That's a big one if so). By sujuki I think you mean sujihiki. Which is a japanese made western slicer. Is that what you already have in 300mm?

Sorry I'm not helpful with answering your question. I hope I can help clarify it at least.
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Yes 300 as in 11.81 inches. And know problem. Atleast u corrected me.
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