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Greek Yogurt & Spoon Sweets

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*** Has anyone ever prepared Greek Spoon sweets and treats with Fresh Figs, Tomtoes, Quince, Lemons & lemon zest or Oranges with orange zest, Grapes or Raisins or Dates ?  


Photo Courtesy: Hellenic Ministry of Tourism

Photographer: Vassilis Stenos.


Greek Spoon Sweets


*** Quick Spoon Sweet Method ...


500 grams of Figs

30 Ml. Brandy

Grated Lemon Zest of 1/2 Lemon


Drain the figs well.  Reserve the syrup. Quarter the figs. In Small Bowl, combine the Brandy, syrup and the grated zest. Add the figs back to the syrup. Serve cold Yogurt garnished with the figs in brandy syrup.





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This is a recipe for Caramelized Fig Spoon Sweet 

2 kilos fresh figs, washed and peeled

1 kg.sugar

1 lemon

Wash, peel of the green skin from the figs taking care not to break the white them in a big 5 liter pot, slice the lemon and put it with the figs, pour the sugar on the top, cover the pot and leave it over night. 

the next morning when you uncover the pot you will see the sugar has melted and looks like a water. 
Put it on the stove, bring it to a boil and then simmer on very low temperature for 12 hours or until the syrup is thick like honey. 

no need to stir, just lift the pot and shake it every hour. 

When the sweet ready pour it in sterilized jars, turn them upside down for 10 minutes. Store them in a dry dark and cold place.



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Welcome Aboard Souvlaki.  Thanks so much for your recipe for your Fig Spoon Sweets.


All my best to you.


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