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Sharpening your knives

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I was just pondering at work the other day on how ppl sharpen there knives.  I sharpen my knives the exact same way as these guys does in this video...  I had a friend at my last job who went to sushi school and he taught everyone this method.  I am curious to know how you sharpen your knives.  If you could give examples that would be awesome!

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I do pretty much the same thing but my grip/finger placement/etc is a bit different.  Also the angle depends on the knife.  I was shown to use the 2 coin/1 coin method on most japanese knives.

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I broke down and bought Chef's choice 15/20 it works well, its quick, clean, and i get razor sharp every time, perfect blade too. I've sharpened the saute guys' knife with it, he was thrilled.

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well I always took my knives in to a local place here in chicago,but am getting tired of spending 25 to 30 dollars every 2 months. I bit the bullet and after much research purchased the wicked edge sharpener. I am more than happy!! this sharpenening system is a bit pricey, but it will last very long and the edge is to perfection and last twice as long as I use to get out of the shop! I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market.

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