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Substitute for buttermilk

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Hello everyone,


I know that we can add vinegar to regular milk to 'make' buttermilk. However, if a recipe, especially cupcakes, call for buttermilk and we don't get any here, can I go ahead and use regular milk? Or would I be better off 'making' buttermilk with the vinegar?

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Definitely make the buttermilk.  I usually heat the milk slightly to hasten the thickening with the vinegar or lemon juice.  Most cake recipes that call for buttermilk will use baking soda, which needs the acidity to activate properly.

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I am glad this came up.

Since scaling back I am having to discard unused portions of buttermilk just about every time I buy it.

Tried freezing, but it separates and just "looks" nasty so that got tossed also.

Bought a can of the dehydrated and it works with my biscuits (I add it to 2% milk, so it looks thicker) but really want it for my salted caramel cake filling.

Too chicken to try it.....

Can someone help a girl out?

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Sour cream & yogurt will work as a substitute 

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This is my Gma Van's recipe (who know how long ago it was written) and if there was a sub, she would have mentioned it.

Alto, she did make her own (with vinegar) for her really awesome fudge cake.

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