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Culinary school opinions...

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Just curious about some of you guys thoughts on a culinary school. In particular the Culinary Institute of USC ( My question is two levels... first, is it even worth going to a culinary school if it isn't J&W/CIA/cordon bleu etc? Second, if it is, how does this one in particular look? Would it just be a waste of time? I'd be going about this as a career change, if that sort of info would help... Also, I happen to be a vegetarian but have no problem tasting (and spitting out) meat... this doesn't strike me as a problem, but... would it be?


Thanks. And hi, this being my first post and all...

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I don't think it really matters much beyond say getting your first or second job. My sister didn't go to school and was a cook for a while, but wasn't really taken seriously until she had the ability to put culinary school on her resume. I know that for me, even though I haven't been to culinary school, and this is in the working world in general. The large company I worked for could've cared less where I went to school. I have a bachelours and that's really all they care about, no mention of, ''wow, your GPA was high'' or anything like that. Maybe in your first or second job they'll care, but beyond that it's experience and where you've worked.


Harvard or Yale are nice schools if you can afford them, and get into them. They might also get you a job quicker than someone who attended say Ohio State Uni. Or some other state school (like I'm attending now). I really think it has a lot more to do with what you do whilst in school than say what school you go to. Lecturers can give you recommendations, and sure, they might not be the big name ones like at a bigger school, but that doesn't mean you're any less of a person because you couldn't afford a big name private school, or didn't want to go to one. 


I've had lecturers in classes whom taught at a more prestigious university and also taught at the state school I attend. There is absolutely no difference in their instruction from school to school. If you show them you really want to learn, almost every lecturer will show you all that they can. They don't really want to spend any more time on someone who doesn't care when they can show say, you who does.

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Any school is better than none.  Looking at the classes at USC, they seem to provide you with a very basic foundation.  But like any school, it's what you make of it.  It's a starting point.  Nothing replaces experience.  I'm a CIA grad and have worked with many individuals over the years both schooled and not.  It's the individual that makes a difference.  If you're motivated, serious, and work hard, you're the one most likely to succeed regardless of what school you attended.  Good Luck!  Chefie.

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