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Sous Vide Cockscombs

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Looking to cooks some cockscombs sous vide but not sure time and temp.  I know its going to be a braised thing but I really dont know how high I should roll.  Any ideas?  I think theres a recipe in the Modernist book, but I ain't got it!

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185 for 2 hours according to modernist cuisine.   



I really dont even see the point of cooking it sous vide tbh, at a temperature that high you are going to get just about the same result as braising it traditionally.

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I ended up just poaching them in a fortified chicken stock.  They actually didnt take as long as I had thought so 2 hours at 185 seems high and long. The combs taste chickeny, but they're definitely more suited for texture.  Thanks for the info though Twyst.

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