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Egg Seasoning?

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About 50-odd years ago General Foods had a product line called "Gourmet Foods". Included was a finely powdered yellow sprinkle-on "Egg Seasoning" that was wonderful on scrambled eggs. It is long gone and the now-retired product manager says the files have been long destroyed. As I recall, it had little or no salt.


Ring a bell? If not, any ideas for a good home-made egg seasoning mix? I've tried Bakon Yeast, and several commercial egg-spice mixes (from spice merchants, not supermarkets) but they don't come close to the taste I remember.



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Other than minimal salt, what did it taste like?

Yellow color brings to mind a curry seasoning.

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I would guess the yellow to be turmeric, but other than that I "got nuthin", seeing as how I am not familiar with the seasoning mix.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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True.  They probably used cheap turmeric as a filler/coloring enhancer, because, you know, eggs are yellow and all :)  I wasn't around for said egg seasoning, but my guess is that there was garlic powder, onion powder, celery salt, mustard, paprika?!

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Was having an oldtimer moment yesterday... (could be saffron? no, too expensive...yellow, yellow...what the heck is yellow. saffron? nononono! what the heck is in curry to make it yellow?)

Gave up and logged off.

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On reflection, perhaps the yellow powder was some sort of smoky cheese. Onion powder seems likely as well. No bits of herb. Garlic possibly. No heat inducing ingredients. Celery powder perhaps. it was also delicious for deviled eggs.
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