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Hi from England :)

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Hi my names Emma i just signed up this forum, i am currently studying in catering, i have been studying since January now, i started late in an entry lvl 3 course and i am now re-doing it to get the full qualification, there's still a lot for me to learn but i thought i would sign up here as i am sure there is a a lot of very good chefs on here who know a lot more than i do, i really want to organize parties, weddings etc... and i will be going on a work placement pretty soon in a resturant that does that, i really can't wait it's going to be great, even if it only for 6 weeks, once a week, it should get me some where a little bit at least, although i would love it a bit longer, the theory class is really boring though lol, especially in the very bottom class as you feel like you get treated so dumb and they go through everything far too slow haha it's like get straight to the point lmao. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

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Aloha, Welcome Emma to Chef Talk.

I think that you'll really like it here,

we're all here to share in all things food.

Now don't forget about us Home Cooks,

we have alot to bring to the table too.

You'll find inspiration not in the forums, but the articles, reviews and the gallery is fantastic.  I hope to see some of your work there soon.

Take peck at the tutorials, FAQ and the Community guidelines;

should you have questions in regards to the website, please PM a Mod or Admin person, everyone here is super helpful and respectful.

See you around the boards,


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Thanks a lot :D home cooks are great too, i've done a bit of cooking at home so far although my sponge cakes still look kind of flat lmao i so want to make them dead fluffy and learn how they make them so good how they do in proper cake making shops :D they must use more expensive stuff i guess or just layer it probably, i shall find that out on here for sure, sillicone cases are great for that for sure, i make some quite good muffins in them :P.

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Welcome to CT, from another Brit(well, half, dad is from Sheffield, I am from Bermuda, but share a dual citizenship with the UK & US).


Lots of very knowledgeable folks here, I am sure you will get a lot of great, and useful input to your questions!

~If you are what you eat, I am cheap, fast, and easy.


~If you are what you eat, I am cheap, fast, and easy.

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Just wanted to add my welcome, too!

There are a few more UK-ears on the site, I'm Scots.
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