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Specialized Savoury muffins

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Can't wait for all to try out our savoury muffins, great Guiness and cheddar and Ricotta and  spinach, they work beautifully with chutneys and pestos.

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Are you gonna give me a recipe?

Or ship a dozen to Texas overnite?

If so I'll take the Guinness and cheddar.

No chutney in the pantry and really cannot pretend to enjoy pesto, do you mind if I accompany with chili (no beans of course ;-)

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Hi Flipflopgirl


Probably not good with chilli, but you follow a basic muffin receipe and instead of using milk you substitute that for guiness, then add your cheddar and some seasoning, if you don't like pesto or have no chutney, I would maybe caramalise some red onions and use them.  Thanks for asking, it's a real treat that someone on the other side of the world wold enjoy my idea.




Champagne Bay

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