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Hi, everyone.


I'm new to ChefTalk as a member, though I've spent many an evening reading through various posts. I love it! I've really enjoyed reading the insightful posts and responses. Hopefully someday I'll acquire as much knowledge as some of you superstars.


I know you've all heard it before, but yeah, cooking is my passion...and I've been doing it as a home-cook for a long time. I started cooking at a young age with my grandmother. Some of my fondest memories are of helping her tend to her massive garden, then turning the fruits of our labor into special memories in the form of awesomeness on a plate. She really taught me the importance of respecting what one prepares and eats. I still cook many of her southern favorites. She was "putting south in your mouth" long before Ms. Deen. ;-) 


I recently decided to make a career change, so I enrolled in the culinary program at El Centro College in downtown Dallas, TX. It was either there or the Art Institute of Dallas. I was encouraged by people in the industry to give El Centro a try, so here I am. So far, so good. 


My talent really lies in baking breads and pastry (apparently, I get that gene from my great-grandmother. I guess everyone has one of those in the family. You know, the one who can bake magic without much measuring and by just knowing how a dough should feel), but  my real love and passion is for cooking. I recently converted an old warehouse into a loft. I had to install a kitchen, so I purchased a used six-burner commercial range. It has really been my first experience  with cooking with gas. I'm obsessed! I can't stop cooking. It doesn't get any better! I try to try something new everyday. Btw, my avatar is something I recently baked--my first braided wreath. 


Anyway, it's nice to have a place to come to where everyone is so passionate about food. I look forward to learning as much as I can from everyone here. 


Happy cooking (and baking),


Pateachoux :-) 

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Pateacoux, you are in good company.

Everyone is here to share in their love of food and all things food related.

Jump into the conversation or start a thread of your own. Now, not all of us here are professionals, Home Cooks have alot to bring to the table. The three Pro forums are read only to us folk that in the industry.

The Articles, Reviews and Gallery are all fantastic; hopefully you will add your work there for all of us to see. (love that braided wreath btw) Should you have questions in regards to the website once you've gone over the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines, please PM a Mod or Admin person, everyone is quite helpful.

Have a blast!


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Thank you so much for the warm greeting!  I appreciate it. 


I'm not quite sure what to think. It seems like getting anyone to say hello around here might be like pulling teeth. It kind of makes me regret putting myself out there, but oh well...such is life. :-)

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Hey Pateachoux,


     From one rookie to another, welcome. Don't worry people will talk to you. Also, that Braided Wreath bread on your avatar is pretty amazing, especially for a first time. I braided my arm into my bread once lol.gif.

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Thanks, Cop Chef! Welcome to you, too. 


Haha! I'm not quite sure what to say about you braiding your arm into a loaf of bread! I hope you noticed it before you baked it! smiles.gif I'll repeat what others have already said. Thanks for your service! This past July while on vacation in New Orleans, I met a firefighter from Toronto who is also a chef. I hear some of y'all civil service men and women can really throw down in the kitchen! 



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